Physical Education

Sporting Facilities

Our sports facilities support a multi code approach and the children at The Hive will be engaging in a range of activities to develop the skills required to participate in Sports.

The outdoor, undercover Multi-purpose sports court is designed to facilitate a range of sports including:

Why Physical Education and Sport:

The physical benefits of sport

Keeping active through physical activity and sport has many benefits for the body. Some of these benefits include increased cardiovascular fitness, bone health, decreased risk of obesity, improved sleep, and better coordination and balance.


Learning important life skills

Playing sport often means being part of a team and this allows for building skills in a whole range of areas. As well as learning all of the techniques involved in the sport, children can also develop their life skills. Playing team sports encourages cooperation and sharing, resilience, goal setting and building relationships. Learning to lose is also an important skill that’s often uncovered through playing sport.

Engaging in sports also helps children to develop patience and understand that it can take a lot of practice to achieve a new goal!

Emotional benefits

Physical activity has been shown to stimulate chemicals in the brain that make you feel better. So playing sport regularly improves children’s overall emotional wellbeing.

Playing sport helps children learn to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way.

Research shows there’s a link between playing sport and self-esteem in children. The support of the team, a kind word from a coach, or achieving their personal best will all help children to feel better about themselves.


Our dedicated Sports Co-Ordinator
is on site delivering tailored
Physical Education and
Sports programmes
for our children.

The current activities on offer are outlined below and are delivered on different days throughout the week to provide all children with an opportunity to explore these.