At The Hive Academy Morisset, we acknowledge that music has an integral benefit to the development of children in many areas- language, social skills, cognitive, expression, just to name a few. Our aim is to expose children to a variety of musical experiences as much as possible, that will be emersed in our daily routines, so they won’t even be aware they are

Music is universal and anyone can participate. It helps the body and the mind work together and children learn the value of self-discipline as they master a new piece of music which in turn leads to a sense of pride and achievement.


So how will we achieve this at The Hive Academy? Some examples include:

We aim to provide a positive experience centered around music, which will influence children in more ways than thought possible. Music is a natural mood elevator, which has an ability to tap into and influence your emotions. And best of all Music is fun!

The current activities on offer are outlined below and are delivered on different days throughout the week to provide all children with an opportunity to explore these.