Martial Arts

Martial Arts

The Hive Academy has partnered with Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre to deliver to you an Early Childhood focused Martial Arts Programme. The team at Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre will be on site each week and will be providing classes for our children aged 2 years – 6 years. The classes will run throughout the day and The Hive Academy Educators will be working alongside qualified Sensei’s to facilitate these lessons.

Why Martial Arts?

Get active
Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of Martial
Arts for children is that it includes a physical activity component. Not only will your child move around a lot, but they’ll also build on their strength and flexibility.


Build Self-Esteem and Confidence
Learning new skills increases children’s confidence and
self-esteem. They’ll also need to work together with other
students in the class and even perform their skills in front of


Learn Respect and Listening Skills
Respecting your instructor or teacher is an important part
of Martial Arts. Children will need to listen to and follow
instructions to learn new moves and skills.


Encourage Teamwork and Belonging
While Martial Arts is typically done as an individual, team
work is still a vital part of practice. Participating in group
activity assist in creating a sense of belonging.


Learn About Conflict Resolution
You might think that Martial Arts is about fighting but it’s
quite the opposite in most cases. Many Martial Arts styles
focus on self-defence and don’t allow fighting between
students until they are older and have more advanced skills.
The ultimate aim of Martial Arts is to teach children peaceful,
non-violent conflict resolution skills and to help them work out
ways to avoid physical altercations.

The current activities on offer are outlined below and are delivered on different days throughout the week to provide all children with an opportunity to explore these.