About Us

About us

The origin of what has become ‘Dinky Di’ began back in 2004, when our Founding Director, Ty Blanch laid the first stone of his brand new, ‘state of the art’ Child Care facility in Morisset. The brand was in-part inspired by the legendary Steve Irwin, and whilst the name ‘Dinky Di’ is synonymous with Australia and all things honest and genuine about our amazing country, the fact that ‘Dinky’ is an anagram of ‘Kindy’, made the name all the more appropriate.

We provide premium quality Early Education and Care at an affordable price, and pride ourselves on ensuring we stay the best, not necessarily the biggest. At Dinky Di Learning, we believe we are big enough to know, and small enough to care.

In 2009, Ty partnered with fellow Directors Michael and Darren to operate a second centre. By keeping our focus on the care and education of the children entrusted to us and driven by a group of highly qualified, caring and motivated Educators, Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centres now delivers premium Early Education and Care to the communities of Morisset, Tumbi Umbi  and Terrigal.

It is definitely all about the people at Dinky Di! Our team of Early Education and Care professionals are the driving force behind our brand, and are supported by a Management team of Industry leaders to deliver Premium Early Education and Care.

Animals, plants, our environment and a deep respect for all life in general are part of our philosophy and are embedded within our daily practices.

Music also holds a special place in our hearts at Dinky Di. Not only because it is fun for the children to experiment and learn through music and movement, but because we embrace the research that shows how the brains of young children develop differently when they are immersed in  music as often as possible from a young age.


At Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centres our team of Educators, alongside our children and families,  continually reflect, analyse and develop our programs. Drawing on a range of different Early Childhood developmental theorists, they create and facilitate rich learning environments that connect the emotional and logical sides of our children’s brains so that they will be able to combine critical thinking and  learning skills as they navigate their life journey.

Children’s early learning influences their life chances. Wellbeing and a strong sense of connection, optimism and engagement enable children to develop a positive attitude to learning.

We look forward to welcoming your family into the Dinky Di family as we work together to  help facilitate your child’s Early Learning Journey.

There can be no keener
revelation of a society's
soul than the way in
which it treats it's

Nelson Mandela

Our Mission

At The Hive Academy our mission is to provide a wholistic approach to children’s learning that is driven by a collaborative effort between families, our service and the community.

It is our goal to provide a safe and nurturing environment where the children and their extended families feel supported and valued.

Our experienced educators will focus on assisting your child to unlock their full potential to succeed in the present and prepare for future adventures.

Our Framework

As an approved provider of Early Education and care. We are guided by the principles in the Early Years learning Framework (EYLF) The framework offers a vision where all children experience learning that is engaging and builders sucess for life.

A long side the EYLF, our vision is to provide a whilistic approach to Early childhood Education and care where children are immersed in a range of activities and experiences that enhance life skills development and growth.


To provide premium Early
Education and care in a
nurturing and inclusive